Advancements and innovations in technology have allowed residential buildings to power and
support appliances and items that can consume a higher amount of power than ever before. Most
modern Lehigh Valley, PA homes can now handle up to anywhere between 110 to 220 volts.
While it is likely that your building is capable to handle that much power, some older homes lack
this service. If you have an older house that lacks this capability, let the experts at Kelley Electric
upgrade your home by installing a 110/220-volt line in your home.

Reasons for a Line Upgrade

While several of your electrical appliances, such as computers, televisions, and other small
devices, only need 110 volts to function, larger, heavy-duty appliances such as water heaters,
dryers, stoves, and others require much higher voltage to operate. While this is not a concern in
newer homes, older homes will have trouble supporting these devices. An installation of a
110/220-volt line can resolve this issue.
In addition, an upgraded electrical system will increase the market value of your home,
particularly if you are planning on selling the house. The upgrade can also bring the older
building up to current local code issues.

How a 110/220 Volt Line Works

Most modern homes already have the capacity to take in 220 volts from the energy company.
This is because most are installed with a 110/220-volt line. This line allows a house to take in the
energy and then split it into two separate 110-volt lines. This system provides your smaller
appliances with energy without overloading, while your larger appliances can function properly.

Request Professional Installation

This installation will require replacement of the circuit box and the internal wiring. This process
is potentially dangerous and mistakes can be expensive, you should always call an experienced
electrician to handle it. Kelley Electric will install your new 110/220-volt line safely and with
flexible financing plans.