Home Automation and Convenience

Home Automation and Convenience

The new innovations in technology over the last few years have increased the convenience and ease in which many people use their products. This also includes the electrical appliances, fixtures, and features of your home. With home automation, you can control several appliances from the touch of your phone, or a small device connected to the internet. Kelley Electric installs home automation in your Lehigh Valley, PA house and installs wiring that increases the convenience of certain devices.

Convenient House Functions

With our electrical system expertise, we can install specialized wiring systems for devices specifically aimed at increasing your convenience or providing entertainment. Some of the convenience installation services we offer include:

  • Dedicated computer or home office wiring
  • Phone and cable
  • Doorbells and chimes
  • Thermostats
  • Television and monitor mounting
  • Behind wall wiring
  • Wi-Fi installation
  • Dedicated gaming system wiring

Smart Home Automation

In order to further increase the convenience of your electrical devices and appliances, we also offer smart home automation. Automation connects several electrical devices and fixtures to the internet, often through a wireless system. Using a phone app or a small device, you can control the activation of these devices from a distance. Automation allows you greater control of your home with minimal effort, as well as reduced energy consumption by these appliances.

Some of the devices you can control with automation include:

  • Air conditioning and heating systems
  • House security systems
  • Nest-type thermostats
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Computers, television, and audio systems
  • Doorbells and chimes
  • And several more appliances.

Professional Installation

Even though the purpose of these innovations is to create convenience and ease, they can be difficult and sometimes dangerous to install in the existing setup of your home. Increase the comfort that house automation and other convenient electrical installments bring to your experience by contacting the experts at Kelley Electric today.


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