Code Compliances and Upgrades

Code Compliances and Upgrades

As the owner of a residential or commercial building in Lehigh Valley, PA, it is your responsibility to ensure that the electrical systems are compliant with electrical codes and regulations. These regulations include the National Electrical Code (NEC), as well as specific requirements set up by the state of Pennsylvania, the city, or other agencies. Violations to these codes can result in failure of electrical inspections, as well as multiple health and safety hazards that can impact you, your family, or anyone else inside the building.

The staff at Kelley Electric is licensed and fully ensured. They are also knowledgeable of the most current NEC regulations, as well as familiar with any additional local codes. They can perform a variety of upgrades and violation corrections that will bring your building up to code.

Common Causes of Code Violations

Violations of the NEC are common in several household and buildings. They are caused by a variety of reasons and circumstances.

  • Botched DIY attempts at electrical repairs
  • Outdated or old systems or components still in use
  • Damaged or worn-down systems or components still in use
  • Current or pre-existing illegal wiring
  • Overcrowded wires, electrical panels, or other systems
  • Lack of required switches or fixtures in certain rooms

Whether you have actively caused a violation or not, it is your responsibility to ensure the violation is corrected.

Code Compliance Services

The specialists at Kelley Electric have experience in residential, commercial, and industrial wiring, as well as extensive knowledge of the constantly updated NEC rules and regulations. We can inspect your electrical system for compliance and install any upgrades or corrections that will ensure you building is up to date and passes any other inspections. Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Inspections for NEC compliance
  • Replacement and installation of updated electrical panels and subpanels
  • Replacement of outdated parts and wiring
  • Installation of necessary wall switches, fixtures, and circuits
  • Grounding and bonding of cables
  • And much more

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