3 Signs It’s Time For An Electrical Panel Upgrade

Should I upgrade my electrical panel?

Some signs you may need a panel upgrade:

Your Breakers Are Always Tripping

When your circuit becomes overloaded it trips! This is a safety mechanism and helps prevent overheating and causing an electrical fire. If your breakers are frequently tripping it’s a sign that there is too much load on that circuit and cannot be handled with what your current panel is able to do. While this usually means that your breakers are at least working like intended, it also means that your breakers are out of date for the demands of your home.

Your Panel Has Fuses

Stop the press! Does your home have fuses? This is putting your home at risk. Fuses are designed to blow when overloaded but can also continue to allow electrical flow which could cause overheating and fire. Most fuses will not be able to handle the current modern appliances we have today in our homes. Overall, for the safety of your family, make sure you call us to discuss other options and replace those old fuse boxes for something that is much safer and can handle your home’s energy needs.

Breakers That Won’t Stay On

You’ve probably had to reset your circuit breakers at some point. It’s a simple process. What is frustrating is when they won’t stay on after you reset them and then trips again. It’s a sign you’re your panel needs some attention from a professional electrician. It could be as simple as there is a problem with the circuit but it could actually be an overall larger issue with your entire panel. It’s more than likely a sign it’s time for an upgrade.

If you’re still wondering if you need an electrical panel upgrade, give us a call for a FREE Home Inspection of your electrical panel or subpanel.