An effective way to improve the environment and save on gasoline costs is by using an electric vehicle. These vehicles greatly reduce the amount of gasoline you use and create less damage to the environment. However, they require constant electrical recharging, and finding a reliable charging station is not always guaranteed. Let the experts at Kelley Electric install an electric vehicle charging station in your Lehigh Valley home for greater convenience and savings.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are an innovation that is growing in popularity. These vehicles provide several advantages compared to traditional options.

  • Reduction of gasoline consumption and costs, since they run on electricity
  • Decrease of greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the environment
  • Compatibility with smartphones and internet-connected devices
  • Greater response and good torque since electric motors respond faster
  • Encouragement of more diverse fuel options in the United States economy

Importance of Residential Charging Stations

Most electric vehicle purchases include a Level 1 charging station that allows charging from a standard outlet. These stations are fine for hybrid vehicles, or if you do not drive much. If you plan on using your full electric vehicle often, you will need a Level 2 charging station. Installing this station in your residential building has some benefits, including:

  • Dependable charging station compared to the infrequency of public stations
  • Decrease in fuel costs versus going to and using a gas station
  • Comfortable and convenient fueling method
  • Faster charging process

Consider Professional Charging Station Installation

Installing a Level 2 electric vehicle charging station is a challenging process, since it involves installing a dedicated circuit and changing the electrical system of your Lehigh Valley home. Plus, you will need a permit to modify or upgrade your system. The experienced technicians at Kelley Electric will handle every step in the process, from handling the permit to the installation process. Let our experts ease your transition to a more efficient, environmentally-sustainable transportation option.