Proper insulation and heating are important during the winter in your Lehigh Valley, PA home.
The icy conditions can affect your plumbing system and create leaks and burst pipes that can
damage the building’s structure. It is important to protect all plumbing systems, including your
gutters and outside piping from the effects of winter. Kelley Electric offers installation of electric
heat tracing systems to protect your gutters.

The Necessity of Heat Trace

Even if the building has excellent ventilation and insulation systems in place, your gutters and
downspouts are vulnerable to the cold. During the winter, the gutters dispose of melted snow and
standing water by providing a path away from the house. However, low temperatures cause the
water to freeze, which blocks the path. The back-up created by frozen water can lead to
oncoming water spilling to the house or building, creating dangerous situations for yourself and
anyone nearby.
While electrical conduits already provide protection for the wires in your electrical system, heat
tracing cables can provide additional protection from possible frost damage.

How Heat Trace Works

Heat trace cable is plugged into an electrical outlet and placed inside of the gutter or conduit
system. These cables are safe to use in gutters and conduits of any material, such as metal or
plastic, due to a protective cover. The cable heats up the water traveling the path, preventing ice
or frost from forming. Heat trace cables also self-regulate, so they can detect the current
temperature and activate when needed, which prevents higher electrical costs.

Professional Heat Trace Installation

As with the installation of most electrical systems or devices, there is the potential for danger,
especially since this system interacts with both water and electricity. The professional
electricians at Kelley Electric will install heat tracing in any gutter or conduit system in your
home. We will guarantee an installation that is safe, functional, and affordable.