The proper use of outdoor lighting is a prime way to make your Lehigh Valley, PA property
stand out from every other building in the area. Outdoor lighting provides you with a variety of
functions, from adding a specific touch to the architecture of your home, to enhancing your
existing landscape, and contributing outdoor visibility and added safety for you and your guests.
The qualified professionals at Kelley Electric will handle all these tasks at an affordable price.

Landscape Enhancement

Are you a homeowner disappointed that you cannot show off your elaborate landscape at night?
Then you simply need landscape lighting installed at your home. The careful use of light fixtures
can bring focus to specific features of your garden, from bushes and plants to decorations. Lights
can bring specific aesthetic values at night that would not be possible during the day.

Pond Lighting

If you have a pond or a body of water that you want to highlight, you will need lighting solutions
that will add some flair. In addition, you will need a safe installation process to avoid the risk of

Architectural Lighting

Your landscape features are not the only ones that benefit from lighting. Outdoor lighting can
also bring out features in your building’s structure that would normally be lost at night. These
lighting fixtures can help you present your home in a unique way, and their installation in the
driveway and sidewalk can guide you and any guest in a safe manner.

Choose Professional Help

In order to get the best outdoor lighting solutions for your home, you will need the assistance of
professional electricians. The experienced crew at Kelley Electric will work with you to carefully
inspect the features of you house or landscape and create the most pleasant, safe, and affordable
outdoor lighting solutions for your property. Contact us today.