Don’t gamble at home

As a company that comes across a lot of unprofessional and dangerous installs, we caution you against hiring anyone but a licensed and fully-insured electrician. There is no excuse gambling with your own property and family’s lives when you can have peace of mind with one call to Kelley Electric.

Here are just a few ideas of projects you may need us for:

Old service panels, circuit breakers, meter bases and wiring replacement

  • Ambiance under-counter lighting
  • Hottub wiring; whirlpool wiring
  • 110/220 volt line
  • Indoor/outdoor lighting
  • Outdoor pool and pond pumps
  • Heat trace for gutters and conduit
  • Panels and sub panels
  • Smoke detectors


Over the past two years, 70 million Americans have been without electricity at home and at work for periods of 24 hours or longer. And Pennsylvania has not been immune. You can enjoy the security of an emergency backup system for a lot less money than you probably realize.

  • Code compliances and upgrades; inspection violation correction
  • Whole house wiring
  • Dedicated computer/home office wiring
  • Phone and cable wiring; doorbells/chimes