The safety of the people inside your Lehigh, PA home or commercial building is essential, particularly when potential hazards are subtle and are hard to detect until it is too late. Smoke from a fire, as well as the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas, can impact the wellbeing of the inhabitants, it can also be prevented through the installation of detectors. The electricians at Kelley Electric will install the latest, most effective smoke and CO2 detectors to maintain the safety of your inhabitants.

Dangers of Smoke and CO2

The presence of smoke usually indicates that there is a significant risk of fire developing in your home or building. If there is no proper evacuation when the fire develops, the fire may trap people in the building. Additionally, the smoke created by fire can affect the lungs and heart.

Low levels of CO2 gas are not immediately dangerous. However, when the quantity of the gas increases, it can displace the oxygen inside of a building, leading to more dangerous symptoms such as rapid breathing and heart rate, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, and permanent failure of vital organs like the brain and the heart. The odorless and colorless nature of CO2 gas makes it harder to detect and contain.

Advantages of Detectors

The installation of well-functioning smoke and CO2 detectors can significantly decrease and prevent these dangerous situations. Early detection of smoke allows you to determine the source and make a timely decision that can prevent a fire from spreading, or allow for early evacuation. Early detection of CO2 informs people of the odorless, colorless gas’s presence permits evacuation and emergency methods to restore breathing, if necessary.

Additionally, you can receive discounts and incentives from your homeowner’s insurance for proactive home protection.

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