Besides the electrical service panel, a major component of the electrical system for any home is the electrical wiring system. Wiring is essential in keeping appliances, fixtures, and important house functions in working conditions, and proper wiring ensures the safety of your family. Whether you are purchasing or selling a home, or you are building a new house, you will need a whole house wiring service provided by qualified technicians. Kelley Electric provides whole house wiring services for residential buildings in Lehigh Valley, PA.

Reasons for Whole House Wiring

  • Whole house wiring or rewiring services provided by a professional are necessary in certain conditions.
  • Revamping a house between 30 to 40 years old that has outdated wiring
  • Renovating a house with new wiring before selling it
  • Renovating a house with rewiring after purchasing it, if needed
  • Building a new home
  • Staying up to National Electric Code (NEC) by renewing systems every three years
  • Fixing mistakes made by amateur attempt at installation or fixes

Advantages of Whole House Wiring

No matter what your reason is for installing new wiring in your home, it can bring numerous benefits to the wellbeing of your home and your appliances.

  • Cost-effective use of energy
  • More efficient home operating with newer elements
  • Increased home safety due to functioning appliances and systems
  • Compliance to NEC and other housing regulations
  • Professional Whole House Wiring Services

The wiring system in your home is complex and requires expert knowledge to understand, plan, and replace. Several factors go into the wiring or rewiring of a residential building, such as the wiring material, the age of the system, the wiring size, and the current energy demands of your house.

Kelley Electric takes these factors into consideration as the professional, licensed electricians repair, replace, and install a new wiring system for your home. Allow our technicians to handle the process, while providing you with comfort, safety, and affordability.